KubeSphere allows you to build visualizations simply and intuitively.

KubeSphere provides rich observability from infrastructure to applications. It integrates your favorite tools for multi-dimensional monitoring metrics, multi-tenant log query and collection, alerting and notification.

Kubernetes Observability on KubeSphere

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  • Multi-dimensional Monitoring

    • Infrastructure monitoring provides K8s control plane and cluster node metrics
    • Application resources monitoring includes CPU, memory, network and storage metrics
    • Resource usage ranking by node, workspace and project
    • Service component monitoring for users to quickly locate component failures
    • Custom metrics support includes application custom metrics dashboard (in v3.0.0)
    Multi-dimensional Monitoring
  • Log Query and Collection

    • Multi-tenant log management ensures different tenants can only see their own log information
    • Multi-level log queries include projects, workloads, Pods, containers and keywords, supporting drilling into each level to locate the issues
    • Support multiple log collection platforms, such as Elasticsearch, Kafka and Fluentd
    • Service component monitoring for users to quickly locate component failures
    Log Query and Collection
  • Flexible Alerting and Notification

    • Rich alerting rules based on multi-tenancy and multi-dimensional monitoring metrics
    • Flexible alerting policy allows you to customize an alerting policy that contains multiple alerting rules
    • Multi-level monitoring metrics for alerting, ranging from infrastructure to workloads
    • Flexible alerting rules allow you to customize the detection period, duration and alerting priority of monitoring metrics
    • Integration with AlertManager supports multiple notification channels (in v3.0.0)
    Flexible Alerting and Notification
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