KubeSphere Service Mesh provides a simpler distribution of Istio with consolidated UX.

If you’re running and scaling microservices on Kubernetes, it’s time to adopt the Istio-based service mesh for your distributed system. We design a unified UI to integrate and manage tools including Istio, Envoy and Jaeger.

Kubernetes Service Mesh with Istio

What Makes KubeSphere Service Mesh Special

  • Service Mesh Traffic Management

    • Canary release provides canary rollouts and staged rollouts with percentage-based traffic splits
    • Blue-green deployment allows the new version of an application to be deployed in a separate environment and tested for functionality and performance
    • Traffic mirroring is a powerful, risk-free method of testing your app versions as it sends a copy of live traffic to a mirrored Service
    • Circuit breakers allow users to set limits for calls to individual hosts within a Service
    Service Mesh Traffic Management
  • Microservices Visualization

    Observability is extremely useful in understanding cloud-native microservice interconnections. KubeSphere has the ability to visualize the connections between microservices and the topology of how they interconnect.

    Microservices Visualization
  • Distributed Tracing for Kubernetes

    Based on Jaeger, KubeSphere enables users to track how each Service interacts with each other. It brings a deeper understanding about request latency, bottlenecks, serialization and parallelism via visualization.

    Distributed Tracing for Kubernetes
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See KubeSphere Service Mesh In Action

Want to get started in action by following the hands-on lab?