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Remove Built-in Apps in KubeSphere

As an open-source and app-centric container platform, KubeSphere integrates 15 built-in apps in the App Store that is based on OpenPitrix. They are accessible to all tenants in a workspace, while you can also remove them from the App Store. This tutorial demonstrates how to remove a built-in app from the App Store.


  • You need to use an account with the role of platform-admin (for example, admin) for this tutorial.
  • You need to enable the App Store.

Remove a Built-in App

  1. Log in to the web console of KubeSphere as admin, click Platform in the upper left corner, and then select App Store Management.



  2. In the App Store page, you can see all 15 built-in apps displayed in the list. Select an app that you want to remove from the App Store. For example, click tomcat to go to its detail page.


  3. In the detail page of tomcat, click Suspend App to remove the app.


  4. In the dialog that appears, click OK to confirm your operation.


  5. To make the app available again in the App Store, click Activate App and then click OK to confirm your operation.



    You can also create a new account with necessary roles based on your needs. For more information about managing apps in KubeSphere, refer to Application Lifecycle Management.
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