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KubeSphere v3.0.0 documentation is no longer actively maintained. The version you are currently viewing is a static snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.


Upgrade QingCloud CSI

Upgrade QingCloud CSI after Upgrading KubeSphere

Currently QingCloud CSI cannot be upgraded by KubeKey. You can run the following command to upgrade the CSI manually after you upgrade KubeSphere:

git clone
cd qingcloud-csi/
git checkout v1.1.1
kubectl delete -f  deploy/disk/kubernetes/releases/qingcloud-csi-disk-v1.1.1.yaml
kubectl delete sc csi-qingcloud
helm repo add test
helm install test/csi-qingcloud --name-template csi-qingcloud --namespace kube-system \
  --set config.qy_access_key_id=KEY,config.qy_secret_access_key=SECRET,,sc.type=2

Wait until the CSI controller and DaemonSet are up and running.

$ kubectl get po -n kube-system | grep csi
csi-qingcloud-controller-56979d46cb-qk9ck   5/5     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-4s8n5                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-65dqn                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-khk49                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-nz9q9                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-pxr56                    2/2     Running            0          24h
csi-qingcloud-node-whqhk                    2/2     Running            0          24h

Run the following command to check whether the CSI image version is 1.2.x:

$ kubectl get po -n kube-system csi-qingcloud-controller-56979d46cb-qk9ck -ojson | jq '.spec.containers[].image' | grep qingcloud